September 5, 2010

Choo choo...who are you?

"His father poured himself some whisky and when the stove was hot he took some hamburgers and cooked them on the lid, turning them with a rusty spoon as if he was following some ritual in which he disregarded his wife's excellent concepts of hygiene and order."
--The Wapshot Chronicle, John Cheever
Cheever has a pleasingly quiet sense of humor. His words sure helped alleviate that dead feeling I get whenever I ride the Metro North.

That darned Cheever had me craving a hamburger and whisky, but I had to make do with a rice krispies treat. Meanwhile, the man next to me -- who was reading a book about Islam -- neatly peeled an orange and ate it. It's funny how little things like what we pack for a train ride can reveal bits and pieces about ourselves. So take note: if you have the misfortune of sitting next to a creeper like me, someone could be blogging about your train activities right now...

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