August 12, 2010

@MarthaStewart: Thanks.

When, before turning to leave the church, I made a genuflection before the altar, I felt suddenly, as I rose again, a bitter-sweet fragrance of almonds steal towards me from the hawthorn-blossom, and I then noticed that on the flowers themselves were little spots of a creamier colour, in which I imagined that this fragrance must lie concealed, as the taste of an almond cake lay in the burned parts, or the sweetness of Mile. Vinteuil's cheeks beneath their freckles.
--Swann's Way, Marcel Proust
If I were forced to choose between hazelnut and almond, I suppose almond (i.e. macarons, almond cake, almond croissants) would win — oui! (By a wee bit.) However, if the dessert contains chocolate, then hazelnuts gain a considerable appeal...which is why I really, really enjoy Nutella, even though I don't have it very often.

In fact, sometimes I catch myself taking on the unsolicited role of a Nutella spokesperson.

Mmm, this gelato tastes like Nutella...

Hmm, you know what you should try? Mixing Nutella in your oatmeal. [This is actually REALLY tasty...]

Tonight, the obsession continued: blondie edition.

It all began with Twitter. I created a Twitter account solely to follow NY food trucks and one very important person: Martha Stewart. I was catching up on Ms. Stewart's tweets when I remembered that superb hazelnut blondie recipe of hers, which my sister made a few months ago. "It's a good thing" I had butter in the fridge.

Note: The batter will seem alarmingly dry and pasty (even compared to normal blondie batter), but don't worry — they'll be fine. And if you do happen to mess them up (or even if you don't), you can just slather more hazelnut spread on top...

This recipe is really good too, if oats float your boat.

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Kat said...

does it have a taste of toffee to it? what's the texture like? say it has a crisp top and a moist center that is slightly translucent in the center from the convergence of all the butter. say it is so, milly!