February 2, 2010

red velvet cravings

"I used to get out of bed and lie on the karri floorboards and feel the rumble in my skull. There was a soothing monotony in the sound. It sang in every joist of the house, in my very bones, and during winter storms it began to sound more like artillery than mere water. I thought of the Blitz and my mother's stories of all-night bombing raids, how she came up out of the ground with her parents to find entire streets gone. Some winter mornings I turned on the radio at breakfast half expecting to hear the news that whole slabs of the district had been lost to the sea--fences, roads, forest, and pasture--all chewed off like so much cake."
-- Tim Winton, "Loonie and Me"
Mmm, cake. Destruction. Destruction of cupcake...which is what happened on Sunday. Two Little Red Hens did not disappoint.

It's funny how tiny hints of one's nationality can appear in one's work. This writer is Australian, hence the karri floorboards. Dictionary says karri is a tall Australian eucalyptus with hard red wood. Hmm, red wood, red velvet, "chewed off like so much cake". Coincidence? I think not! I'd venture to guess that Tim Winton was subconsciously craving some red velvet cake at the time he was writing this. And who could blame him? Writing is arduous work.

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