January 24, 2010

Millenia of our lives

"Is it possible, this nothing thinks, that one has not yet seen, recognized, and said anything real and important? Is if possible that one has had thousands of years of time to look, reflect, and write down, and that one has let the millenia pass away like a school recess in which one eats one's sandwich and an apple?"
--The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge, Rainer Maria Rilke

A bento box beats a sandwich and an apple for lunch any day, no?

Sadly, I can scarcely remember what I've learned in the past six months, let alone the past six years of my life. The days really have passed like they're millenia, and much of the time without looking at, reflecting on, or writing about anything of importance at all. How can that be? It is so easy to slip into complacency.


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Minh Le said...

I just had a sandwich and an apple today for lunch. Plus celery sticks. Your lunch kicked my lunch's butt.

Kat said...

<3 milly we'll figure it out together