January 19, 2010

Curly, girly fries

"Grown-up women do the same sort of thing that Charlene and I did. Not counting the moles on each other's backs and comparing toe lengths, maybe. But when they meet and feel a particular sympathy with each other they also feel a need to get out the important information, the big events whether public or secret, and then go ahead to fill in all the blanks between. If they feel this warmth and eagerness it is quite impossible for them to bore each other. They will laugh at the very triviality and silliness of what they're telling, or at the revelation of some appalling selfishness, deception, meanness, sheer badness."
--Child's Play, Alice Munro
A very honest portrayal of female camaraderie. At least I think so. Reading this made me miss long road trips, counting moles to pass the time. This, for some reason, led me to crave Arby's curly fries...don't ask me why. Who really needs a reason to crave curly fries?

Alas, there is nary an Arby's in Manhattan. Oh well. At least others share my pain.

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