October 16, 2009

Sweet mother of soup

Ever since I was a wee child, I've had an unhealthy obsession with all things red bean. For those unfamiliar with red bean, it's generously sweetened, often mashed into a paste, and used as the filling for breads, buns and mochi.

Green bean is also a popular dessert filling, but given the choice, I'd choose red over green in a heartbeat...except when it comes to soup. Why? Because green beans are much easier to make into soup. They cook faster too. After work, I made this no-fuss green bean soup in about an hour.

Just bring the beans to a boil in some water, turn the heat down to a friendly boil (by which I mean to say above a simmer but not a rolling boil). Just like shrimp turn pink when they're cooked, green beans burst open when they're ready for the eatin'. Don't forget to sprinkle a ton of sugar in there. Mix of dark brown and white sugars = yummers. Fail-proof, season-proof dessert eaten cold in the summer, hot in the winter.

You can also add glutinous rice balls if you want to make it special. Add some red coloring to the rice balls and you can call it Christmas soup. Behold:

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Christine said...

excellent post except for the "yummers" part - no rachel ray references please! "Christmas soup" is an ingenious idea and looks delicious! :)