October 27, 2009

Rolling in the Doughnuts

Whether they originate at Stan's in Westwood, or Tim Horton's in Penn Station, delicious doughnuts really do reside on both coasts of the U.S. And whether you enjoy them in moderation or bulk discount at 11:30 p.m. right before closing...well, that's your choice. Mine is pretty obvious, I think.

Seriously, can sprinkles be any more tasty than when they adorn a delicious doughnut? Especially one that's slightly warm from the microwave.

Attn: Tim Horton's is having a Curling Story Contest. SO CANADIAN. I wish I had a "favorite curling memory" so I could take a shot at winning a $100 Tim Card. Oh man. $100 of doughnuts sure beats the grand prize hands down (a trip to the Canadian Curling Trials).

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