August 31, 2009

"I love a nice white scone."

Mrs. Fitzgerald watched sharply, screwing up her eyes to peer at us, until we had each swallowed a sip of tea--it was so strong I could feel my mouth shriveling--and a bite of scone. Then she sighed with satisfaction and settled back into her armchair. "I love a nice white scone," she said. "Them fruit ones get stuck in my falsies."
--Tana French, In the Woods
It's true: Fruit scones (particularly the seeds from berry ones) do have a tendency to get stuck in one's teeth and/or "falsies". But that's the price you pay for deliciousness. Plain scones, I find, are tasty too--as long as they're sweet enough to distinguish themselves from savory biscuits.


Minh Le said...

I want a scone right now. That sounds lovely.

ps the word that Blogger asked me to type out as verification was "homiz." Homiez!

thefattyreader said...

We be homiez and creeperz for life! haha