June 9, 2009

Warning: This post may contain an excess of hyphens and/or slashes.

My goodness. If you haven't yet read Julie and Julia, go out and snag yourself a copy. If you're cheap and honest, read it in the aisle of a bookstore. If you're cheap and wily, steal it. The point is, read it.

Well sure, you could just wait for the movie to come out, but then you'd miss out on the author, Julie Powell's, accessible, friendly-yet-crass-gal-next-door writing style. Besides her enviable way with words, Powell also appears to possess eerie psychic abilities. Skeptics need only take a look at this quotation from page 108 of the blog-turned-book:
"The orangey sugar cubes at last mooshed, I proceeded to zest and squeeze oranges, soften gelatin, separate eggs -- doing it just the way Meryl Streep does in The Hours, by gently juggling them back and forth in my hands, letting the white slip through my fingers into a bowl waiting below. Felt like the way Julia would do it -- very cook-y."
That's some psychic/powers-that-be-or-else-highly-coincidental stuff, considering that Meryl Streep is actually playing the part of Julia Child in this soon-to-be-released blog-turned-book-turned-Nora-Ephron-movie!!

I know, what the wha?? It's like the sweet, sweet icing on her gov't-secretary-turned-pajamas-donning-writer's cake. Cavities be darned, I'd like me a slice of that! Or maybe some sugar-rolled chewy ginger cookies instead? Because truth be told, I'm not really a fan of icing most of the time.

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Minh Le said...

What the heck, really? I feel like such a guilty kid every time I eat frosting, but it's so good. And that Meryl Streep line can't be beat!