June 3, 2009

strawberry spring

"Having mastered the art of verbal invention to perfection, he particularly prided himself on being a weaver of words, a title he valued higher than that of a writer; personally, I never could understand what was the good of thinking up books, of penning things that had not really happened in some way or other; and I remember once saying to him as I braved the mockery of his encouraging nods that, were I a writer, I should allow only my heart to have imagination, and for the rest rely upon memory, that long-drawn sunset shadow of one's personal truth."
--"Spring in Fialta" by Vladimir Nabokov
It's always a kick to see writers poke fun at their own profession, isn't it?

Speaking of spring, now that it's late spring/beginning of summer, you know what that means: strawberry season's in full swing. I learned a couple factoids about strawberries yesterday:
1. It's best to wash them without soaking them. Just spray dirt off with cold water.
2. Strawberries have approximately 200 seeds and are the only fruit to display seeds on their skin.

P.S. Isn't it kind of cool that you could almost get away with typing the word "strawberry" one-handed, if it weren't for that pesky sometimes-vowel y?


Christine said...

wow, that IS cool!

here's your OTH update:

Dan's life is in limbo
Lucas calls someone @ the airport - either p, l (who was too scared of "the immensity of his love" but called him back) or b

Minh Le said...

I never thought of that one-handed strawberry thing. How cool!