May 29, 2009

Sizzled perfection

Weird eating day. First thing I had today was a "coffee bar" (coffee in food form at last!) that has the texture of a chocolate bar but amazingly contains no chocolate. Then I wanted something salty, which reminded me of the leftover bag of Spam in the fridge (few things are as welcome or beloved a sight on a refrigerator shelf!).

Proceeded to cook:
Spam cubes (you decide how much) + some chopped yellow onion + 5 spinach leaves + 4 slices of Portobello mushroom + egg white(s) + black pepper = Tastiness in a sizzling pan.

Combined ingredients in order mentioned (but made sure to brown the first two together in isolation before continuing). The concept of "together in isolation" is a paradox that, when applied to spam and onions, results in deliciousness.

Also just realized I should have added garlic. Am ashamed to call myself a garlic lover. Would've made it even better, no?


Minh Le said...


Minh Le said...

Oh, man I didn't see that last part of the post. I was too caught up in the whole egg white and spam paragraph. No garlic?? Blasphemy.