May 9, 2009

One more for the road.

"By rights I got no business bein here atall.
I hope you live forever.
Dont wish that on me.
He'd leaned back and closed the bible shut. That rain is comin this way, he said.
Yessir. I believe it is.
Can you smell it?
I always loved that smell.
They sat. After a while Billy said: Can you smell it?
They sat."

--The Crossing
I wouldn't have thought to ask the old man if he could smell the rain; my naive self would've assumed that he could and left it at that. But Billy knows better than to hold on to the belief that the world is a just place where old men can still relish the smell of the rain, comin this way.

And is this old man depressing or what? "Dont wish that on me." Those words are sad, yes, but they are also honest. And they make him more alive in my mind.

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