March 25, 2009

March meat pie madness

When I was just a wee girl discovering Danny the Champion of the World for the first time, I remembered for many years afterward the idea of soaking raisins in water overnight to plump them into bait for pigeons. I've always wanted to try it myself. The second time I read Danny, I couldn't stop salivating over the cold meat pie with hard boiled eggs. Since reading and drooling over it with my fellow oats-lovin' pal Kara, I've been obsessed with the idea of the cold meat pie. Does it really taste as good as Dahl makes it sound? This is the burning question that I have had in mind for quite some time now.

Witness my helplessness:
"Very carefully, I now began to unwrap the waxed paper from around the doctor's present, and when I had finished, I saw before me the most enormous and beautiful pie in the world. It was covered all over, top, sides, and bottom, with rich golden pastry. I took a knife from beside the sink and cut out a wedge. I started to eat it in my fingers, standing up. It was a cold meat pie. The meat was pink and tender with no fat or gristle in it, and there were hard-boiled eggs buried like treasures in several different places. The taste was absolutely fabulous. When I had finished the first slice, I cut another and ate that, too."
--Danny the Champion of the World
Dahl has a gift for writing about unusual foods that, to me, are a major part of what makes his stories so wickedly delightful. The meat pie description, though, has got to be Dahl at his best. Almost makes me want to buy Roald Dahl's Even More Revolting Recipes to make Doc Spencer's pie myself.

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Kara said...

Still my absolute favorite.