January 27, 2009

Let them eat frosting

Sprinkles cupcakes may be overpriced, but at least they don't skimp on their delicious frosting (this coming from someone who is pretty picky about her frosting, mind you).

The Glass Castle is a pretty sobering memoir. The girls can't afford frosting, so they make do with what's available.
Lori, what are you eating?
Margarine, she said.
I wrinkled my nose. Really?
Yeah, she said. Mix it with sugar. Tastes just like frosting.
I made some. It didn't taste like frosting. It was sort of crunchy, because the sugar didn't dissolve, and it was greasy and left a filmy crust in my mouth. But I ate it all anyway.
If you had $3.25 would you spend it on a Sprinkles cupcake? I wouldn't.