November 11, 2008

Sweet mother of fruit tarts!

The layer of cold custard peeking out from under the fruit is the best part.

This delicious "dainty" tasted like it was bathed in Heaven's misty sugarfalls (for this, I think, is what is in heaven, if it exists), but it's actually from Coral Tree Cafe. My only regret? That I wasn't gutsy enough to order my omelet in a cheeky manner (F*U*N*E*X?).

But if you aren't around Brentwood, you can still read about William Beckford's interpretation of food heaven in Vathek:
In the first of these were tables continually covered with the most exquisite dainties; which were supplied both by night and by day, according to their constant consumption; whilst the most delicious wines and the choicest cordials flowed forth from a hundred fountains that were never exhausted. This palace was called The Eternal or unsatiating Banquet.
Sounds kind of cool. I think I'm going to start calling things "dainties" now. Anyone listening? I'd like a plate of dainties dusted with powdered sugar, please.