August 13, 2012

Dinner is sandwiched between lunch and breakfast.

Richie nodded and pushed the sandwich tower towards me. "Cheese and tomato, turkey, or ham. Take a few."
I took cheese and tomato. Richie poured strong tea into the thermos cap and tilted it at me; when I held up my water bottle, he downed the tea in one and poured himself another capful. Then he made himself comfortable with his back against the wall and got stuck in his sandwich.
Broken Harbor, Tana French

Two never's about sandwiches:
1. I've never called a sandwich a sammy; it always sounded too much like a human or dog's name.
2. I've never considered sandwiches dinnertime fare; they've always strictly been the stuff of breakfast, lunch, or snacks.

The first will most likely remain the case until I die. But lately, I've come to reconsider my stance on the second. A sandwich can make a lovely dinner if it's done right, no?

The sandwich pictured above was a lunch I had last week. It was supposed to be a pho in banh mi form, but it didn't taste like pho at all. Instead, it tasted like sweet BBQ'd beef with shredded pickled carrots and lettuce on a roll. Not my favorite, but it got me wondering about something: What would be a good entree to convert into a sandwich?

Pho is a little too ambitious to be successful, but how about meatloaf? I love a good meatloaf sandwich, especially one that includes just enough gravy to make the bread soft but not soggy. I also wouldn't mind trying a Cobb Salad sandwich sometime. Or a Nicoise salad sandwich...yum.

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