August 22, 2012

Baboons and periwinkles

"When they were younger, she had loved angel food cake. But she had lost her taste for it years ago, although no one bothered to ask her. So she ate it every year, and every bite tasted of disapproval."
Tigers in Red Weather, Liza Klaussmann
I've never been a big fan of angel food cake. Something about it reminds me of cotton candy, which is superior to angel food cake only because it's fluorescent and melts in your mouth...not because of its taste. Given a choice between angel food cake and coconut cake, I'd choose angel food cake every time (but I would rather choose neither and order a chocolate chip muffin instead).

Anyway, this book was a pretty satisfying read. Just the right amount of creepy characters and messed up theories about life and love. The line in the Wallace Stevens poem that inspired its title is really great, too. I like it when the title of a book hints at more than just something literally taken from the plot (for example, David Copperfield is not exactly the most thought-provoking title, is it?).

Which got me thinking about what "red weather" even means. With a bit of wikipediaing, I learned that in weather folklore, a red sky signifies good things at night, and bad things in the morning. Not sure if that helps or confuses me more. Makes me remember how much I like poetry sometimes.

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