June 18, 2012

On Rothko and Jello

"She told him about her Dad and the eggs.
'I made my Dad scrambled eggs one morning, yeah? When I was staying at his place for a weekend. He sleeps late, you know. And I made him breakfast when he got up, you know — good little girl. And it was like, scrambled eggs on toast, and some bacon and a tomato. Stuff like that. And a pot of tea. Glass of orange juice. All posh. And he really liked it, and then he was trying to show off that he knew about art — he's always doing this — and he said, Rothko eggs. Points at the scrambled eggs. Rothko eggs. I didn't know what he was on about. They look like a Rothko painting, he said, all pleased with himself. And then I realized that he'd gotten Rothko mixed up with Pollock!'"
—"Rothko Eggs," by Keith Ridgway
I really liked this story. You can read it on Zoetrope.

The concept that one artist's style can be reminiscent of a certain type of food is really fascinating. If I were to try to associate a Rothko painting with any kind of food, I'd probably choose layered Jello. Someone even went so far as to create these Rothko-inspired cookies. Delightful!

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