March 3, 2011

xoxo, graham greene

Sinking deeply into a GG addiction. Not Gossip Girl...Graham Greene. This week, he not only taught me what a damson was, but also provided a much-needed reminder that any life we imagine outside of our own consciousness is purely that: imagined.
Ordinary life — the two hours in court on a perjury case — had the unreality of a country one is leaving for ever. One thinks, At this hour, in that village, these people I once knew are sitting down at table just as they did a year ago when I was there, but one is not convinced that any life goes on the same as ever outside the consciousness.
--The Heart of the Matter

"If indeed she had only been a stepmother to me, did I still want to place her ashes among my dahlias? While I washed up my lunch I was sorely tempted to wash out the urn as well into the sink. It would serve very well for the homemade jam which I was promising myself to make next year — a man in retirement must have his hobbies if he is not to age too fast — and the urn would have looked quite handsome on the tea table. It was a little sombre, but a sombre jar was well suited for damson jelly or for blackberry-and-apple jam."
--Travels With My Aunt
Travels With My Aunt is quite humorous. I wonder which takes more writing chops: comedy or tragedy? (I think comedy.) Shakespeare was a master of both. It's becoming clear to me that Greene was, too.

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Velva said...

I agree with you. I think comedy is more difficult to write.

Looks like you have been enjoying yourself with Graham Greene. Cheers.