March 29, 2011

over well done stories

"Going into the diner, Lee and Carlos were a phalanx in themselves with their jackets and jeans and boots and belts, and I was proud to have been hungry. I ordered warrior food, and soon the waitress rendered up to me a plate of lacy-edged eggs with a hummock of potatoes and butter-stained toast, and to Lee and Carlos huge, aromatic burgers."
--"A Lesson in Traveling Light," Deborah Eisenberg
Every now and then, I like my eggs cooked over well, borderline burnt. Maybe it's because they make me think of my dad, who usually fries them in plenty of oil until the edges get crispy and lacy-edged.

Lacy-edged is a nice description for eggs, but I never thought I'd see the word "hummock" in the same sentence as "potatoes." Is it really crucial to the story? Maybe not, but it's fun. If you've never read any of Deborah Eisenberg's work, please do! I liked some of her stories so much that I forgive her for the few that I didn't like. She's also married to Wallace Shawn, playwright, voice of T-Rex in Toy Story, and — most importantly of all — the actor who portrays Blair's stepfather on Gossip Girl. Amazing.

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Christine said...

really? haha you know for some reason when I pictured her in my head, she looked like that actor...hahaha