February 3, 2011

Honk if you like roast goose!

He's got it right now for sure — and, sitting there at one of the white Formica tables, Cantonese pop songs oozing and occasionally distorting from an undersized speaker, you know it, too. In fact, you're pretty goddamn sure this is the best roast goose on the whole planet. Nobody is eating goose better than you at this precise moment. Maybe in the whole history of the world there has never been a better goose. Ordinarily, you don't know if you'd go that far describing a dish — but now, with that ethereal goose fat dribbling down your chin, the sound of perfectly crackling skin playing inside your head to an audience of one, hyperbole seems entirely appropriate.
--Medium Raw, Anthony Bourdain
Anthony Bourdain is a much better writer than I thought he would be. I highly recommend his book — even if you hate watching him on TV, he's not so bad in print. And his stellar description of roast goose makes me want to try it again.

I had a roast goose once. My dad heard about a place that supposedly served Hong-Kong-style roast goose, and since he's obsessed with goose meat, I knew what was coming...

We started combing the streets without many details to go on. Things got so dire that at one point I mused that we were literally on a wild goose chase.

At last, we found the place (pictured at left - the red sign). The goose roasters were a couple from Macau — and highly bemused as to why a family would come all the way from America to try their roast goose. I personally didn't find it preferable to roast duck (which is much easier to find), but maybe I just need to find another goose-roasting establishment. Either way, cheers to A. Bourdain and other goose lovers everywhere. And Happy New Year.

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