November 16, 2010

Fudgy, fuzzy memories

"They had escaped from their families, from the tyranny of home. Feeling a need to  celebrate all this they turned into a drugstore and ordered vanilla ice cream with hot fudge sauce. It was so wonderful when it came that they made up their minds to have ice cream with fudge sauce every night of the school year."
--The Folded Leaf, William Maxwell
William Maxwell knows what's up — ice cream sundaes are great celebration food. When I got my first promotion, I celebrated with an ice cream sundae from The Smith. It was delicious...but when I hear the words "ice cream sundae" I'll always think of McDonald's first. That's because when I was a young fatty, and my parents were nice enough to treat me to an ice cream sundae, it was always from McDonald's. Not sure what Chez McDonald puts in his hot fudge sauce (and maybe it would be better not to find out), but it tastes like nostalgia to me — one of my favorite flavors.