October 5, 2010

strange sandwich

He ate the whites of his eggs first...the least delicious part of his breakfast...then he carefully mashed up the peppered and mayonnaised yolks and spread them delicately on his toast. He ate with careful relish, his maimed hand curved lovingly around the rationed food as though to defend it from some possible aggressor.
--Clock Without Hands, Carson McCullers
Defend those eggs and toast! But would you defend a peanut butter, tomato, bacon, and onion sandwich? Later on, this mysterious sandwich is mentioned, and though it sounded strange at first, the more I think about it, the more I'm intrigued.

Tangential flashback: I have a distant memory of walking into the kitchen to discover my father gleefully adding a fat dollop of Skippy peanut butter to some hot noodles and cucumber...I think it was his emergency recipe for ma jiang mian (sesame noodles). Hmm, maybe there's method to this savory-peanut-butter madness. Fictional Southern characters are doing it, non-fictional Chinese dads are doing it...maybe I should do it, too.


Annie feng said...

HAHAHA non-fictional Chinese dads...loving this one! Surprisingly, peanut butter is good in Asian food! like the dipping sauce for satay!

Christine said...

Haha I like the image of Daddy "gleefully" putting peanut butter on his emergency noodle recipe to cure his late night cravings...