October 10, 2010

fruit tart inferiority complex

"That was lovely," she said. Rose had never heard such an admission of grateful pleasure from her. "Lovely," said Flo and sat remembering, appreciating, belching a little. The suave dreamy custard, the nipping berries, robust peaches, luxury of sherry-soaked cake, munificence of whipped cream.

Rose thought that she had never done anything in her life that came as near pleasing Flo as this did.
--The Beggar Maid, Alice Munro

I think I could subsist on fruit tarts for days on end without tiring of the little guys. Just thinking of the three components is enough to kick the salivary glands into full gear: (1) glazed, fresh fruit (ideally of the berry variety), (2) cold, smooth custard, and (3) a crumbly, sweet shell/crust. Individually, each would make a fine dessert, but once all three are combined, something magical takes place, and a paragon of pastry is born. Nevertheless, one would hope that familial bonds are infinitely more pleasing than mere foodstuffs (delicious as they may be). Poor Rose.

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kat said...


keke <3 the pretty, refined fruit tarts are nommy, too

let's make sometime