October 17, 2010

a day like any other

"It is unacceptable, all the stunned and anxious missing a person is asked to endure in life. It is not to be endured, not really."
--Who Will Run the Frog Hospital?, Lorrie Moore
"I have a poor memory. By this I mean that much that has happened in my life I've forgotten--a blessing for sure--but I have these large periods of time I simply can't account for or bring back, towns and cities I've lived in, names of people, the people themselves. Large blanks. But I can remember some things. Little things..."
--"Fires," Raymond Carver
The only thing I hate more than missing a friend's birthday is missing a friend. A thousand little things like breakfast tacos, lemongrass, and Rilke are everyday reminders of how much this friend is missed; how easily a person's absence can be a veritable presence in one's thoughts. To this friend, all I can offer by way of apology (with a little help from r.carver) is: I may have forgotten your birthday, but I can remember some things: little things that tie us together, on this day, like any other.

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