September 12, 2010

Soup's on

"There's some soup," my mother said. "Why don't I heat it up." And suddenly her eyes filled with tears, and all at once we fell to kissing one another — to embracing and smiling and making cheerful predictions about one another — there in the white, brightly lighted kitchen. We had known each other for so long, and there were so many things that we all three remembered...Our smiles, our approving glances, wandered from face to face. There was a feeling of politeness in the air. We were behaving the way we would in railway stations, at my sister's wedding, at the birth of her first child, at my graduation from college. This was the first of our reunions."
--"First Love and Other Sorrows," Harold Brodkey
What a great ending; it reminded me of my family's impromptu late-night munchies sessions, circa 1996. My family had just moved to California, and I don't know if it was the time difference or simply the stress of adjusting to new quarters, but we'd get hungry late at night — the kind of hunger that could only be quelled with noodle soup, and sometimes a sponge cake to wash it all down.

The weather's starting to get colder, which means more than a soupcon's worth of soup's on 'round these parts. One of my favorite soups only requires three ingredients (besides water and seasonings): fish fillets, seaweed, and eggs.

Directions: Bring a pot of water to a boil. Reduce the heat to medium. Add the fish fillets and swirl in a few beaten eggs. Once the eggs and fish look pretty much cooked, rip up a few sheets of nori/seaweed and drop them in. Season to taste. Slurp it up with reckless abandon.

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