September 18, 2010

Eden eatin'

In the house the godling grudgingly accepted cheese and bread and cold meat and pie and coffee and a piece of chocolate cake.
"I'm used to a hot dinner," he said. "You better keep those kids away if you want any car left."
--East of Eden, John Steinbeck
Perhaps I have low standards, but that sounds like a terrific meal to me. All the fixings for a sandwich + pie + chocolate cake + coffee?! Yum.

It's a testament to John Steinbeck's storytelling prowess that even one as heathenly as I can enjoy East of Eden; indeed, reading it again has confirmed it as one of my all-time favorites. Incidentally, it also belongs to a very exclusive (re: two-member) club of literary works that feature "cold meat" and "pie" in the same sentence. If you ask me, that's a club that could do with a few more members.

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