August 3, 2010

Moldy MoMAs

 "I slept until noon, then woke and made a sad little breakfast of poor man's baklava: a large biscuit of shredded wheat with honey poured over and chopped peanuts sprinkled on top. The kitchen was still in its state of neglect. More strawberries in the refrigerator, which it seemed I had only just bought, had once again withered, turned this time the turquoise-gray of a copper roof. The bread, too, had a powdery blue mold that would have made a lovely eyeshadow for a showgirl--perhaps one who also needed the penicillin. The heel end of another loaf, weeks old, was sitting on the counter in a plastic bag with what looked like a snake inside: a coil of mold with orange and black markings. It was the Frugal Girls' Museum of Modern Art."
--A Gate at the Stairs, Lorrie Moore
Always alarming to find mold plastered across one's food — but it can be pretty funny, too, especially if you have someone there to share in that mixture of disgust and fascination. Pictured above is my old roommate's moldy tomato. The mold was the wispy kind that looked a little like cotton candy...

p.s. happy national watermelon day, all. may your melons remain mold-free.

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