July 11, 2010

A cherry weird coincidence.

He sat down, tugging at a white-paper package in the tail pocket of his coat.

"Cherries," he said, nodding and smiling. "There is nothing like cherries for producing free saliva after trombone playing, especially after Grieg's 'Iche Liebe Dich.' Those sustained blasts on 'liebe' make my throat as dry as a railway tunnel. Have some?" He shook the bag at me.

"I prefer watching you eat them."
--"The Modern Soul," Katherine Mansfield

True story: I was doing a bit of late-night cherry hopping – first, binging on Bing cherries (ha), then, a few coveted Rainier cherries. Happily basking in after-cherry glow, I started reading a short story – and not three paragraphs into it, someone begins spouting off about cherries to great length. What a coincidence. Unfortunately, he informs the narrator that "All cherries contain worms." Not exactly the information you want to absorb after consuming a bunch of Bing and Rainier cherries.

Curiosity led me to stumble, Googley-eyed, upon a VERY disturbing message thread...click here at your own risk.

Ah, well, worm-ridden or not, they were tasty little fellas. Can't very well blame worms for wanting in on this delectable flesh.

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