June 9, 2010

mistress distress, and eggs

A clever pun...
"But I am the classic mistress."
He held both her hands. This gave an impression of restraining her from doing harm. "Don't be censorious. You look like a schoolteacher."
"The Classics mistress." They both laughed, but then she said, "What will happen to us?"
"Who can tell?"
...and a sensible use for boiled eggs in the wintertime:
"All the girls of London shuddered, waiting for the bus. Some had knitted themselves unbecoming brown Balaclavas, with worse mittens to match. Some held a boiled egg, still hot, in their glove--which warmed the hand, and could be eaten cold at lunchtime in the ladies' room. At that hour all London was ashudder, waiting for the bus."
--The Transit of Venus, Shirley Hazzard
Shirley Hazzard, you are a genius.

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