April 21, 2010

13 going on old

"Certain moments in life are in another tense: they are going to become. And only when you get to that other tense do they reveal to you what they were and what they meant, and then you know that one moment is responsible for everything that came afterwards and you think, if only I had understood what was going to happen and prevented it..."
--The Way I Found Her, Rose Tremain
Thus ends the Part One of this coming-of-age novel. At one point, the 13-year-old narrator, Lewis, describes one woman's laugh as "the kind of laugh you imagine women having long ago, before they realized they were an oppressed category of people." That, in turn, made me laugh.

In the narration, there are times when you can definitely tell that Lewis is a young teenage male, but then there are also times when he sounds like a middle-aged woman. It's a bit confusing. I suppose if I were a writer, I'd have a hard time speaking in the voice of (a) a 13-year-old, and (b) a boy. I suppose Ms. Tremain does a pretty good job considering the challenges involved.

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