December 10, 2009

Ode to Oats

Nutella and oats are a thing of beauty. Some time ago, I had a fleeting idea to put together a book of oatmeal recipes called 50 Ways to Dote on Oats, or something along those cheesy lines. Maybe someday it will become a reality. I could even get it laminated at Kinko's and put it on my coffee table for some light reading. Maybe the neigh-bors would like it. Ha. Just when you think I couldn't possibly get any cheesier, I DO. I'll stop horsing around now (last one, I promise!) and get to it; what follows is a distantly related quotation from Ayn Rand's first novel:
"Darkness was coming, not from the gray, transparent sky, but from the corners of houses where shadows suddenly grew thicker, as if without reason. Slow whirls of smoke over chimneys were rusty in the rays of a cold, invisible sunset somewhere beyond the clouds. In store windows kerosene lamps stood on the sills, melting yellow circles on the huge, frozen panes, around little orange dots of trembling fire. It had snowed. Shipped into mud by horses' hoofs, the first snow looked like a pale coffee with thin, melting splinters of sugar. It hushed the city into a soft, padded silence. Hoofs thumped through the mud with a clear, wet sound, as if someone were clicking his tongue loudly, rhythmically, and the sound rolled, dying, down long, darkening streets."
--We the Living, Ayn Rand

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Minh Le said...

Hahah you and your oats.