November 2, 2009

Superstar blondies

"A commercial painter paints flat; you can put your finger through. But a painter -- for example, an apple by Cezanne has weight. And it has juice, everything, with just three strokes. I tried to give to my words just the weight that a stroke of Cezanne's gave to an apple. That is why most of the time I use concrete words. I try to avoid abstract words, or poetical words you know, like crepuscule, for example. It is very nice, but it gives nothing. Do you understand? To avoid every stroke which does not give something to this third dimension."
--Georges Simenon
Concrete words are fine. Rhyme is even better. Nothing like a little good slant rhyme a la Lupe Fiasco...

I'm too uncouth / Unschooled to the rules / And too gumshoe

I'll tell you one thing, though: I am not gumshoe at baking blondies, even though I have only made them a total of two times in my life. Nosiree, I am awesome at it. The other night I baked them with dark brown sugar and they were excellently decadent. Almost like brunettes. Mmm. I think I would endorse cannibalism if all brunettes and blondies were this delicious.

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Christine said...


they were quite delicious though - I can attest to that. yum yum yum!!