November 30, 2009

Cake vs. Pie

Cake or Pie? The all-important question. I'd always fancied myself a cake person, but this Thanksgiving, it took exactly one heavenly apple pie to doubt myself.

Upon further reflection, however, it seems to me that cake will always occupy a slight edge over pie in my heart. And with that, I leave you with a cake-related passage:
"Every time I come she prepares a nursery tea of bread and butter, cut very thin, and jam, followed by Battenberg cake. This is ready on a trolley in the kitchen and all I have to do is wheel it into the sitting room, while Miss Morpeth raises the kettle in one careful hand - a red hand, with almost anatomically blue veins - and pours water which has boiled once or twice, so great is her anxiety for me to hae come and gone, in her mother's china teapot. When she is settled in her chair, and she has asked me her ritual question - 'Would you like your cake first or your bread and butter?' - and the business of teacups and plates is settled, and later, when she has lit up her cigarette with the gold lighter we all gave her when she left, we turn to the matters of the day."
--Look at Me, Anita Brookner
Battenberg (Battenburg? I see it both ways.) cake is a sponge cake that, once cut, displays a pink and yellow checkered pattern. But it gets even better -- the whole thing is blanketed in marzipan! Doesn't it just scream, 'LOOK AT ME'? Oh, Ms. Brookner is so smart. I wonder if she enjoys this cake. Or does she simply associate it with lonely old women like Miss Morpeth? Also found this recipe for a day when I'm not feeling lazy. When will that day come?

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Velva said...

I think pie does it for me. A good flaky crust is all I need to think the stars have aligned.