October 6, 2009

Hooray for MTA

This is mighty interesting. Oh, Train of Thought, how strange it is to look up and see you alongside ads for lawyers and online colleges.
"According to Alicia Martinez, the M.T.A.’s marketing director, the process for selecting quotes for Train of Thought is “elaborate.” Until recently, the M.T.A. outsourced its quote search to a committee of Columbia professors led by Henry Pinkham, the dean of the graduate school. Pinkham says that his committee split with the M.T.A. earlier this year, though, in part because the professors pushed for material the M.T.A. deemed too sensitive. He specifically remembers a famous line from Shakespeare being shot down because it contained the word “flood,” which sets off alarm bells in the subway world. (Martinez denies worrying about “flood,” suggesting that a word like “fire” would be far more likely to raise hackles.)"
Hmm...raise hackles? Who better but a New Yorker blogger to put it so strangely. Heh. And yet I love it.

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