September 1, 2009

Our mobile lives

"My life, like all our lives, is made up of so many other lives . . . all of them rearranging themselves, all the time. . . ."
--Palm Pre mobile commercial
This Palm Pre ad is a nod to the Olympics welcoming ceremony. But an alien-like pale woman stars in it—all the better to contrast with the red Chinese dancers? Still...why so very Robert-Pattinson-pale? I could not help but feel somewhat alarmed.

The script, however, is noteworthy. What's excerpted above makes me think of tesselations (remember drawing those in junior high?). I like the idea of all our lives interlinked, rearranging themselves in unison: Even in periods of rapid motion, when we feel like everything is changing, we're never truly alone. That's important to remember, I think.

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