August 28, 2009

Swedish breakfast

"Did you escape?"
"Released early."
"That's a surprise."
"For me too. I found out last night."
They looked at each other for a few seconds. Then the old man surprised Blomkvist by throwing his arms around him and giving him a bear hug.
"I was just about to eat. Join me."
Anna produced a great quantity of bacon pancakes with lingonberries. They sat there in the dining room and talked for almost two hours.
--The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Stieg Larsson
So far this book has mentioned IKEA a number of times, and now here come the lingonberries. Oh, those Swedes. Always tempting me with their juicy meatballs, bacon pancakes, and delicious, delicious soft serve. Unfortunately, these things are only accessible via the rare trek to IKEA. And IKEA doesn't even have bacon pancakes...but it very well should.

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