August 25, 2009

Rats and spiders, oh my.

His father was holding him in his paws as if he were a ratling--feeding him! How peculiar to be so close to his father, Montague thought dreamily. His father's paws felt very strong, rathletic, and he had sort of a nice smell, if a bit earthy. After force-feeding him half a vat of porridge, his father set him down, gave him a pat on the head, and then climbed back up the muddy, castle-ridden slope.
--A Rat's Tale, by Tor Seidler
Montague has been to the Sheep's Meadow in Central Park more times than I have this year. Oops, I guess fictional rats know how to experience the city better than I do.

According to a book review by Newsday, "A Rat's Tale may well do for rats what Charlotte's Web has done for spiders." But what has C.W. done for spiders? Personally, nothing--not Charlotte's Web, not anything--could make me want to lovingly pat a real live spider or rat. Of course, that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy these stories (I did!). I just prefer to see and/or think about spiders and rats in cute illustration form, not 3-D or realistic, please.


Christine said...

HAHA!! "Rathletic?" cute!

thefattyreader said...

haha yup! I almost titled the post "rathletic," too.