July 21, 2009

Size matters

"I could not have wished for a prettier little wife at the opposite end of the table, but I certainly could have wished, when we sate down, for a little more room. I did not know how it was, but thought there were only two of us, we were at once always cramped for room, and yet had always room enough to lose everything in."
--David Copperfield
Reading this suddenly reminded me of a brunch at Tea & Sympathy, a little (literally, little -- little tables, little chairs, little aisles...) place in Greenwich Village that made me feel like a giant. At one point I dropped my butter knife on the ground and dreaded the idea of bending down to pick it up. Go there if you are blessedly tiny--you'll feel quite at home there, laughing at the bigger folk, who will appear out of sorts amid all the undersized furniture.

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