July 8, 2009

A scone a day...

keeps Emily's munchies at bay.

Last night I finished Judith Ryan Hendricks' Bread Alone, a novel about a woman who bakes bread to heal from a sudden divorce. It's kind of a cheesy read, but it makes up for its literary shortcomings with the inclusion of recipes and frequent descriptions of food. For example:
"There's two schools of thought about scones." She smirks a little. "At least around here. There's fluffy scones--they've got more cream and eggs. Kind of like biscuits. And there's short scones, which I prefer. They've got more sugar and a lot more butter. They're denser, almost like shortcake."
I don't know if it was the book or just my body's reminder that I hadn't had a scone in too long, or what, but I woke up today knowing that I had to have a pastry. (OK, so maybe I wake up most days wanting to stuff a pastry in my mouth, but still. Today it was an especially potent longing.)

I discovered Eleni's by mistake. Located in Chelsea Market, they happened to be having a recession special: free coffee or tea with any breakfast item. For my breakfast item, I chose, of course, a scone. They had three delicious ones on display: oat, cranberry, and plain. I am definitely a vanilla-loving plain Jane – whenever I happen upon a new eatery, I like to order the original of whatever they offer. Plus, the plain scone was just too spectacular to resist:

What's that? You want a close-up? No problem.

What a hunk. Definitely worth the $1.75. If you're wondering, Eleni's plain scone can accurately fit into Hendricks's "fluffy scone" category, boasting just the right hint of sweetness to remind you that it's not just a regular savory biscuit. You'll also find the iced coffee to be a perfect walking companion on any warm, summery day.

Eleni's, 75 Ninth Avenue, New York, NY 10011

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Christine said...

"what a hunk"

haha! go buy me some more, babs!