July 23, 2009


"Only bread seems to ease her malaise, buttered bread, enormous slabs of it, what she's heard people in this village refer to as doorsteps. She eats it fresh from the oven, slice after slice, sometimes not bothering with the knife, just tearing it off in handfuls. One day, alone in this kitchen, she consumed an entire loaf between noon and supper."
--Carol Shields, The Stone Diaries
Tell me about it. I love bread. Good, soft bread. I have indeed torn it off in handfuls, eating it not with butter, but with garlic hummus.

But what I love best of all about bread is the sandwiches you can create with it.

I've been on a sandwich kick ever since having a pulled pork sandwich from Num Pang, made on a delicious, crisp-yet-tender baguette from Parisi Bakery. Not long after, I bought some French loaves, cucumbers, tomatoes and sliced deli meat at the market, and practically drooled on the way home as I imagined the sandwich I would make upon entering the confines of my apartment.

There you have it. All I have to say is, if you have cucumbers and bread, you are well on your way to a beautiful, light summer sandwich. So long as the bread is sturdy and soft, and the cucumbers are cold and crisp, life is good.


KitKat said...

oh goodness gracious milly, you made me crave a sandwich so much! you should see the sandwiches here, milly. we ordered a club sandwich from the bennigans here and it came out deep-fried, with jam on the side. JAM, i do say! the horrors! :P

Resh said...

oooh.. the perfect way to describe my eating desires!!! scrumptious bread.. nom nom nom