May 24, 2009

What a breakfast.

"He breakfasted in the morning with Daisy Wapshott, a comfortable, bosomy lady in a crepe-de-chine dress and a pink angora cardigan, who waited on him, despite his protestations, with a huge plate of ham and eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes, sausages and baked beans. He ate triangular toasts, and marmalade from a cut-glass dish with a swinging lid and a scallop shell spoon. He drank strong tea from a silver pot under a tea cosy embroidered to resemble a nesting hen. He abominated tea. He was a black-coffee drinker. He congratulated Mrs. Wapshott on her tea."
--Possession, A.S. Byatt
Posted this –not entirely, but partially – because it contained the word "bosomy." Not to mention the cardigan, eggs, and triangular toasts...

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Kara said...

He was a bosom of a loaf!