May 5, 2009

Safran-saffron connection

This from The Young and Hungry's interview with J.S. Foer:
Fruit of choice?
Is a lychee a fruit? I think I'll do that. Even though I never eat it. It just seems like a good choice.
Preferred shape of pasta?
It depends on the sauce it's being served with, obviously. But if I could only buy one box of pasta I would probably get rigatoni.
Any particular brand?
No. I'm not snobby about that or even particular. Although canned tomatoes I get a little particular about.
He's right, canned tomatoes can be really good – or really bad. But, but...why doesn't he eat lychee? Sigh. That, along with the unsettling news that his next book is nonfiction (and about vegetarianism?!), comes out to be a double disappointment. Oh, well.

*This information brought to you by Kara, the youngest and hungriest person I know.

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Anonymous said...

this interview was very cute.