May 20, 2009

E-mail those epistles

An excerpt from a recent speech of Dave Eggers':
"Nothing has changed! The written word—the love of it and the power of the written word—it hasn’t changed. It’s a matter of fostering it, fertilizing it, not giving up on it, and having faith. Don’t get down. I actually have established an e-mail address,—if you want to take it down—if you are ever feeling down, if you are ever despairing, if you ever think publishing is dying or print is dying or books are dying or newspapers are dying (the next issue of McSweeney’s will be a newspaper—we’re going to prove that it can make it. It comes out in September). If you ever have any doubt, e-mail me, and I will buck you up and prove to you that you’re wrong."
--from The New Yorker's Book Bench
I wonder how many will take him up on that offer. I'm sure he has good intentions, but isn't a call to action via e-mail sort of a funny way of asserting the idea that print is not dead?

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