April 13, 2009

Men eat meat daintily

"They ate long and daintily, spearing out pieces of chicken, holding the dripping pieces until they cooled and then gnawing the muscled meat from the bone. They speared the carrots on pointed willow switches and finally they passed the can and drank the juice. "

--Cannery Row

If you're like me, a lazy reader with an embarrassing vocabulary, the passage above is slightly off-putting. Why the choice of the adverb "daintily" here? Dictionary knows best.

Dainty is defined as "fine, neat, elegant." A second meaning of the word is used to describe good food, i.e., a dainty morsel of food is delectable. Lastly and most importantly, a dainty eater is fastidious, fussy and/or finicky. Who knew there were so many dimensions to dainty?

You think you're fluent in a language, and then you find out that you've been relying too much on mainstream culture to define the few words you thought you knew. D'oh! And thus, the reasoning behind the doughnut photo is finally exposed. In my world, everything can be traced back to doughnuts.


mherzog said...

Cool, check out this video: http://meat.org

Christine said...

ah, that donut looks delicious! yummmm

KitKat said...

is this stan's? quiero.