March 7, 2009

Congee con ti? Si.

In my sickness-induced groggy state, I've set my heart and stomach on making myself a pot of congee aka jook aka rice porridge/gruel.

Hopefully this turns out better than the crude gruel that poor Oliver asked for s'more of. (Update: It was scrum-diddly-umptious. See photo evidence below.)

I have no idea what people are talking about when they say that being sick makes them lose their appetite. Unless I'm vomiting from the flu or something, I usually maintain a healthy appetite in my unhealthy state. I should really just get some rest, but I prefer to consume things constantly no matter what state I'm in. Ha.

The Simplest Recipe for Congee Ever Posted in History:
1/2 cup white rice
5 cups water

Bring all two* whopping ingredients to a boil in some sort of pot. Stir and reduce heat to med-low & cover. Let simmer until it thickens into a porridge (about 1 1/2 hours).

*Well, technically 3** ingredients -- IF YOU WANT IT TO TASTE LIKE ANYTHING. Add salt or chicken flavor granules to your liking. You can also use chicken or veg. stock instead of water, and omit or reduce the salt accordingly.
**OK, I lied again. So technically you can have way more than 3 ingredients if you wish to get fancy by adding preserved turnips, shredded or ground meat, fish fillets, and/or eggs (of the preserved or regular variety). I suggest garnishing with sliced scallions, at the very minimum.


KitKat said...

feel better, dear milly!


Christine said...

what about the fermented tofu? (do fu lu haha I don't know ping ying - I think I even spelled THAT wrong). That's my FAVORITE! oooh or those bamboo shoots soaked in red oil..oooh or shredded dried pork/fish - YUM! =)

Minh Le said...

Looks almost like macaroni in that picture. Mmm porridge. I shall make some this weekend.