November 9, 2008

lay your eyes on these babies.

Instead of sharing her cookies, she hoarded them; and rightfully so.

Those cookies were good. They were from Paulette.

The first time I made pavlova, I used a recipe by the self-proclaimed domestic goddess, Nigella Lawson. She put passion fruit on top of hers, but I ate mine plain. Crackly and dry on the outside, yet wonderfully chewy on the inside, I was in love at first bite.

No matter that I didn't have parchment paper; I used wax paper and it was fine. No matter that I didn't have cream of tartar; the egg whites whipped right up in my stand mixer.

Everything was perfect that day. If you ever want to make something that sounds impressive and tastes phenomenal, opt for pavlova. The only piece of advice I have to offer is to let the egg whites come to room temperature before beating into peaks, especially if you're cream-of-tartar-less, like me. I've never used it in my life.