October 7, 2008

"Remember me when I'm famous, my sweet!"

Someone I love very much once wrote this in my Lion King autograph booklet underneath her signature. "My sweet" is a term of endearment that should be used more often, methinks.

Speaking of sweet, Edmund Burke's A Philosophical Enquiry notes that several languages--including French, Latin and Italian--have just one word to describe both soft and sweet.

Linking linguistics to thought process, we might conclude that sweetness and relaxation are connected. Now, this confuses me. Just look at the kids who get hopped up on sugar at the candy store.

Sweetness invigorates me rather than relaxes me. But then again, that's just me, the girl who used to steal sugar packets from restaurants so she could consume them later when no one else was around. After years of such activities, I've probably built up an immunity to the so-called "relaxing" qualities of sugar.