October 19, 2008

Your choice.

Ramen #1:

Ramen #2*

Believe it or not, these are photos of the
same bowl of ramen. I just used different camera settings.

How much does our visual perception of a dish flavor our mental perception of its taste?

Taking that second picture made me extra excited to consume its contents, even though in real life, it looked like picture #1. I changed the camera setting to "fluorescent." So...not hungry for what's in front of you? Try photographing it under different settings. It may just stir up some rumblings in your tummy.

If only we could shift the dial as easily in our minds. Then we could probably eat boiled spinach or unsweetened bran flakes, or something else disgustingly healthy, and not mind a bit!

*The pictured dish was made from a Nissin Choice Ramen package (my first time trying one, and I was pleasantly surprised that though non-fried, it was just as tasty as its full-fat kin). I threw in some frozen broccoli, an egg for good measure, and voila! Dinner was born -- then promptly eaten, making me feel somewhat like Saturn, who ate his child, too...if anyone's seen the famous painting by Goya...no? Well, perhaps it's for the best. I like to think I wasn't quite as barbaric as he was, but then again, I did proceed to tear into that ramen like no tomorrow.

All in all, I must say, if you want a quick 'n easy formula to get stomach-happy, it's: Egg(s) + ramen. You just can't go wrong.