August 29, 2008

Soup dumpling, anyone?

I can't believe I didn't know what a "soup dumpling" was until a few months ago. I've been eating them for years, I just never knew they were called that. Well, a soup dumpling by any other name would taste as juicy...if it's the right one, that is.

This one's from Shanghai Cafe on Mott Street in Manhattan Chinatown. Best soup dumplings I've had in the city, and one of the tastiest I've had in my life, as well.

Unless you have X-ray vision, you probably can't see the juice inside this pork and crab soup dumpling, but it's in there, all right. Oh yeah. Delicious broth and juicy meat filling encased in a thick but not-too-thick skin. Forget babies, ask the stork to bring these little bundles of joy instead! You can eat them without going to jail, like this woman, who was found guilty of microwaving her baby, burning her to death. This is why some people shouldn't have children. But everyone should try a soup dumpling at some point in their lives.